Openers In
Carver, MA


For over 45 years LiftMaster® has been exceeding expectations by providing peace of mind through expert services and innovative solutions. LiftMaster is a smart choice if you’re looking for a reliable Opener that can meet all your needs when it comes to performance, security and connectivity.The largest manufacturer of electric garage door openers now introduces their My”Q” technology allowing a homeowner to monitor their garage door on their smart phone. LiftMaster offers a variety of heavy duty motors used in special applications such as our carriage house doors. Front mounted units, battery back up and an abundance of accessories are available through this manufacturer.

Linear 1/2HP
Electric Operators

Chosen for our installations for their reliability and solid performance. Available in both chain or exceptionally quiet belt drive with a Lifetime Warranty on the motor. All units include solid rails, photo safety eyes; an illuminated deluxe wall button with clearly marked controls, courtesy light switch and vacation mode; dual button remote transmitters operate over a long range and employ high-security technology to prevent anyone from stealing your code and using it to gain entrance to your home. An automatic courtesy light illuminates the garage for five minutes every time the door operator is used. Easy quick-disconnect trolley for manual door operation, when needed.